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Customized Modular Kitchens

A modular kitchen is not just a luxury item, but a must needed thing at this time.

team karma gives you different kind of customized Modular Kitchen Designs provide you with sufficient storage space to make the kitchen appealing and organized. A lot of thought and detail goes into designing a kitchen that serves everything like functionality, exquisite design, and of course the delicious food.

We are a leading interior designer who holds a belief in perfection, quality & clarity.


Customized Living Rooms

Designs that will reflect your personality and enhance your social experience. Living is generally the first space that is visible on entering any house. It is the space where most guests, even the ones not so personally attached, are invited unlike other rooms of the house. It is important for this space to be impressive as it reflects your personality and choices and sets the atmosphere of any conversation. Living usually becomes the fulcrum of the house around which other functions and rooms are situated. Our designs will recognize your requirements and likings and will leave a memory in every visitor’s mind.


Showroom Interior

#Teamkarma is engaged in offering Showroom Interior Designer services. The services offered by us are rendered by our expert designers, who hold vast experience in this domain. As per the requirements of our clients, our team members select a painting, lining, wallpapering, and specialist decorative effects like marbling, graining, and rag rolling. Moreover, our team members keep in mind the products and latest trends of the market, while rendering these services.


Redecoration / Modernisation

For Redecoration / Modernizations purposes, we work closely on the details given in the existing space layouts and plan out the entire process according to the client's visions. If you're thinking about giving your home a new look, contact us right away and let's get working!


Thematic Interior

Because these are custom projects that require solutions tailored to space and its specific characteristics, it is crucial to first predetermine the project’s specific requirements and needs. #Teamkarma bring all our experience and know-how to bear during this initial stage to help define your thematic interior decoration project.

Our creative department prepares a customized design a proposal based on the defined requirements and tailored to the customer’s needs, audience, and budget.



we don’t just maintain landscapes, we manage them. Our certified professional horticulturist and certified landscape operatives carefully develop and refine a customized management program to keep your site are always in optimal condition. Each client site is assigned a Contract Manager to be the one point of contact, the person who will know your landscape intimately.

With over 12 years’ experience within the commercial sector, Quality & Service Limited (team karma) is an Award-winning landscaping company. Current clients include business parks, urban civic spaces, office estates, hotels, restaurants, retail parks, and hospitals.

teamkarma are committed to investing in our employees and in the latest equipment to deliver a quality service ensuring we cater our maintenance programs to our client’s needs.


Customized Office Spaces

We create efficient, productive, and beautiful workspaces that meet specific needs in a cost-effective manner.

Workplaces are important business tools. And every workplace has its own unique requirements.

We can help you conceptualize and design an entirely new workplace…or show you how to get more out of an existing space. We do everything from understanding the demands of your business, office operations, work culture and style, activity patterns, space usage, storage needs, and more. We then engage with you to create an office space that is beautifully functional.

We can also help you enhance your current office space and environment—with customized furniture, well-planned storage units and contemporary lighting solutions.


Customized Bedroom

A bedroom is a vital part of any home; therefore, it should be customized and maintained precisely to keep the alluring look outstandingly. Thus, we come into the limelight to make your bedroom a room that can give you the most relaxing atmosphere that you have never felt before.

team karma offers classic and modern customized interior designs for your bedrooms. We always consider your comfort level. Our modern designs will be the best choice of your bedrooms which can provide comfort, luxury, and relaxation altogether.